One Right Way

We understand how our civilised lifestyle is based on the idea of food production. We also understand how this leads to pyramidical hierarchies and exponential population growth. But why did we develop this lifestyle at all and why did we stick to it up to a point where we could go extinct because of it? Continue reading One Right Way

Spiritual Awakenings and The Fist of Reality

Recently I met an old friend whom i had not seen in 4 years. Back then he had been travelling the world as a Juggler, Musician, a free spirit that was looking for – and finding – projects to help less priviledged people than him, or at least put a smile on their faces. He was getting inspiration at hippie-gatherings, filling himself with New Age philosophies like a sponge sucking up water.
He seemed happy, strong, free. Continue reading Spiritual Awakenings and The Fist of Reality