Tribute to Daniel Quinn

About 11 years ago a good friend pointed me to an author she liked a lot, lending me a book called A.D.. Me not being very impressed, she handed me another one, hoping that it would make me understand why this writer was so remarkable. and it did. It kicked over some of my previous views, made me connect almost all the knowledge i had aquired at that point to a logically satisfying system and made me start thinking on, Continue reading Tribute to Daniel Quinn

Resources: The World Population Clock & Early Estimates

Here’s a very interesting Page I found on the current and historical developements of the human world population it provides very accurate statistics on the developement from the start of our civilisation up to the present.
It also comes with a detailed live-count. don’t look at that for too long though, it might be depressing… .

However in order to estimate the population – developement before 10000 BC I found these Wikipedia-Articles very helpful:

Also very helpful is Hyde, the History Databas of the Global Environment:

Resources: Civilisation Studies

Here’s a useful link on the study of Civilisations

International Society for the Comparative Study of Civilizations

Resources: Meme Theory

Richard Dawkins on the hijacking of the term ‘meme’ by the internet:

And of course Wikipedia on the topic:

Resources: Beautiful Quotes

During my research for this Blog i came across some awesome collections of quotes, some of which i want to share here:

Quotes about ethics: