One Right Way

We understand how our civilised lifestyle is based on the idea of food production. We also understand how this leads to pyramidical hierarchies and exponential population growth. But why did we develop this lifestyle at all and why did we stick to it up to a point where we could go extinct because of it? Continue reading One Right Way

Wolfpacks, Families, Tribes and Nations – Different Hierarchies, Different Implications

In order to talk about hierarchies, we first need to define what a hierarchy actually is.
A hierarchy is the structure in which a group of individuals is organized based on dominant and submissive behaviour amongst each other. Thus hierarchies are used to decide about the distribution of resources within the group, the right to procreate and the behaviour towards other groups. Continue reading Wolfpacks, Families, Tribes and Nations – Different Hierarchies, Different Implications

Spiritual Awakenings and The Fist of Reality

Recently I met an old friend whom i had not seen in 4 years. Back then he had been travelling the world as a Juggler, Musician, a free spirit that was looking for – and finding – projects to help less priviledged people than him, or at least put a smile on their faces. He was getting inspiration at hippie-gatherings, filling himself with New Age philosophies like a sponge sucking up water.
He seemed happy, strong, free. Continue reading Spiritual Awakenings and The Fist of Reality


Asking ourselves, why we hold on to civilisation, even though we are well aware of the pressure it puts on the individuals, be it economic, spiritual or social, we have to ask: what does this world offer compared to the one our ancestors left behind, 10000, 1000 or just 70 years ago. One thing is obvious to the writer: he simply could not be a writer without written language.
Had we not become civilised, no form of art Continue reading Trade-Off

Pushing The Pedal To The Metal – Agriculture And Unchecked Growth

Imagine you were sitting in a very fast car on a straight road. You can’t see it yet, but there is a wall at the end of it. Would you speed up? As long as the road is empty and straight, maybe you would. After all, you have plenty of fuel, and if pushing it brings you faster to wherever you think the journey is going, why not? But what if you finally see that wall? Would you trust that your vehicle is strong enough to break through? Maybe if you push it a little more? Can you know how strong that wall is? What if it’s not a wall but a rock surface? How do you know? Do you trust that, once you are close enough to tell if its paper, concrete or rock, your car’s brakes will still be able to bring you to a stop before you crash into it?

Continue reading Pushing The Pedal To The Metal – Agriculture And Unchecked Growth

The Law Of Negative Feedback

There are laws and then there are natural laws. Natural laws can not be broken. This assumption comes with the word. Even though we do not really understand gravity, we are pretty sure that an apple will fall to the ground when we let go of it, air will go up if it is hotter then the surrounding atmosphere.We are pretty sure that trees will dry out and eventually die when they don’t get water. Continue reading The Law Of Negative Feedback

The Population Problem

If you believe the World population clock, there are now just under 7.4 billion humans on this planet. Since the clock is mostly based on official figures, chances are that the real number is even higher.

Tenthousand years ago, at the dawn of the agricultural revolution, it is believed that the count was somewhere in between 5 and 10 million. At this time all scientific research also suggests Continue reading The Population Problem

How Agriculture Created the First Pyramid

So here we are. Self-sufficient, we think. Everything we need, we produce ourselves. Food, building materials, medicine, machines for travelling, clothes, fuel, energy. If we believe in our TVs and newspapers, we have all of those in abundance. Continue reading How Agriculture Created the First Pyramid