The Law Of Negative Feedback

There are laws and then there are natural laws. Natural laws can not be broken. This assumption comes with the word. Even though we do not really understand gravity, we are pretty sure that an apple will fall to the ground when we let go of it, air will go up if it is hotter then the surrounding atmosphere.We are pretty sure that trees will dry out and eventually die when they don’t get water.

And animal populations will increase when there is a surplus of food. The latter without exception leads to a decrease in food availability which in return causes a population decline. This relation is called the law of negative feedback. All animal and plant populations are subject to that law. They increase to a point where nourishment starts getting scarce. Then they decline. Thus availability of whatever they feed on gets a chance to replenish, eventually creating a surplus again. The circle starts anew. Not factoring in catastrophic event that lead to sudden population drops, all species’ numbers follow a sinus curve. The amplitudes vary. So does the time frame between minimums and maximums. But without exception the law of negative feedback applies. So what about humanity? Doesn’t it look like we are that one exception? Having grown from 5 million to 7.4 billion in merely fivehundred generations?

Let’s have a look at that in the next post.


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