Tribute to Daniel Quinn

About 11 years ago a good friend pointed me to an author she liked a lot, lending me a book called A.D.. Me not being very impressed, she handed me another one, hoping that it would make me understand why this writer was so remarkable. and it did. It kicked over some of my previous views, made me connect almost all the knowledge i had aquired at that point to a logically satisfying system and made me start thinking on, helped me find often unorthodox but nevertheless satisfying answers to most of the questions i had ever dared to ask. And of course it led me to raising more and more new questions that i hope to find answers by working on this blog. You could say, Daniel Quinn opened my eyes again, after conditioning through school and media had slowly lulled me to sleep.
Of course what this different way of thinking also did was make me very lonely for a while.
When you question the very fabric of the culture you and all the people you have ever known have been born into, that, sadly, is to be expected.
That Book was ‘The Story Of B’, the second part of the Ishmael-Trilogy.
Believe me this trilogy is a must-read for anyone who likes my blog.
I have to be honest and admit that large portions of this blog are directly based on Quinns writings. Everything else would be unfair towards him. I am trying nevertheless to add to the ideas presented in his work and to both raise and answer questions he did not prioritize (so far).
Thank you, Mr. Quinn!

Here’s a link to his work:

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