Why Ufology Does Not Matter.

Do you believe in U.F.Os? In Fairies? A higher being that you  call God? Science? Pills against your depression? Yoga?
Yes i agree, all these things can give you comfort, a sense of purpose, or just a reason to keep going in this extremely fast time. Everybody has a camera, many of us share their whole lifes on the social media, we work hard and we party harder. We complain about our governments, fear that our social security might fade as more and more helpless people come pouring in from their own war-stricken homes. We are concerned about the environment as we use planes to go to places that give us one or another illusion of paradise. No worries. At least for a week or two.
Many of us sense that there is something deeply wrong with our lifes, with the world we have built. So we look for anything that might either take our mind of it or relieve our conscience. At least for a while.
Then again… why are we doing this? Why do we look for explanations that free us from responsibility? Or guilt? God did it. His ways are mysterious. Or Aliens. Or maybe there is a conspiracy at work.
Let me ask you this: what does it matter?
Assume for a second that there is a force of some kind that chose to make the world this way. Then whatever you believe it to be, IT WANTS IT THIS WAY. But if you don’t like it, do you think that anyone will change it for you? Therefore: does it matter who or what is guilty for all the things you dislike?
If there is any authority that created this world on purpose, then it will certainly not have any interest in reshaping it into something that fits your dream of something better. The only one who can do that is you. You are the only person with exactly your idea of a better world. Therefore it doesn’t make even the slightest difference whether aliens or god or evil spirits or big corporations are to blame for anything that is wrong from your point of view.
No one can be in your place at the same time. No one but you can be responsible for whatever change you want to see. Consequently any approach that places responsibility anywhere but on yourself, be it Ufology, Religion, Conspiracy-theories – you name it  – is utterly and completely meaningless.
which doesn’t mean  that you can’t get some comfort from it. But i have a feeling that, should you manage to really change something for yourself, or even some of the people closest to you, that might give you even more comfort… .

With these words I welcome you to my little blog on How and Why the world – or – more accurately, the culture we live in came to be the way it is now.
This is me, brainstorming on what will hopefully become a complete Book in the foreseeable future.
If you have critique, questions, if you would like to contribute any research, please write a comment.


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